Peter Spann’s Property Selection Rules

Peter Spann Property Investment Rules

Peter Spann’s Property Selection Rules

  • Only buy in the Top 20 Suburbs By Growth over the past 10 years in the State
  • Ensure Growth is in an UP Swing
  • Rental Returns – 4% + minimum
  • Vacancy Rates in the area below 5%
  • 3 – 20 kms from CBD or Satellite Cities with high growth prospects (look for permanent infrastructure investment)
  • Buy AT or BELOW the median price for the city and the suburb
  • Irreplaceable Features that add value
  • Can add value to the property
  • Meets prospective tenants needs / trends (lifestyle, affordability, transport, education, coffee culture, high street shopping, etc)
  • Fits your price range

Peter Spann's Property Investment Fundamentals

Investing Fundamentals

  • There is always a cycle.  Boom always follows gloom and gloom always follows boom, and smart investors are ahead of the curve.  Know where we are in the cycle and modify your strategy accordingly.
  • Yield is king – always look for higher than average rents, but growth builds wealth – only buy in high growth suburbs.
  • Follow the (big) money, not the herd.  Pay attention to professional investors, and genuine experts, do your own research and make your own decisions.
  • Never overstretch – more wealth has been lost by people trying to get rich too quick.   Leave a buffer in everything you do.


Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

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