customer service secrets

Customer service secrets play a major role for a business’s ongoing success and its ability to create new and retain existing customers. With social media being a reputable source for business reviews, keeping customer service a priority in your organization can help you generate free advertising as consumers post positive comments about their experience.

The good news is that there are several tactics you can employ to extend excellent customer service. Here are 3 tips you can begin to implement today to enhance your consumers experience with your business.

#1 Working on Last Impressions

We can agree that you only have one chance to make a good first impression…but what about a last impression? Are you making a point of giving a gracious “good-bye” to your customers, asks Forbes writer, Micah Solomon. It should be clear that providing excellent customer throughout the entire transaction is still part of giving a great customer experience. Don’t slack off in the end.

Solomon gives a three-part rule of thumb to use at the close of the interaction:

  • Say thank you and that their business is appreciated
  • Wish them well
  • Let them know that you look forward to seeing them again


#2 No One Slips through the Cracks

“Every guest, every employee, every time” is the motto of the Broadmoor Hotel which has earned 53 straight 5-star recognitions for their outstanding customer service.

You see, customer service is about being consistent regardless of how the employee feels, what’s going on in the company, or if the previous customer was a pain to deal with. Every person who walks through your doors or converses with you on the telephone should be made to feel important and the best thing since sliced bread!

customer service secrets

Saying a person’s name while smiling throughout your interaction is a fine way to make your customer feel important!


#3 Be That Example

Be the model that you want your team to follow when serving your customers. By being an ideal worker, you essentially command respect and motivate others to imitate the example you set.   No longer will dictatorship work where you tell employees what to do from a desk! To create loyalty with your team, you must get in the trenches with them and illustrate the true way to exhibit customer service.

This also means correcting employees promptly and discreetly when you see your example not being followed. Better to address the non-supportive behavior before it becomes habit!

Providing exceptional customer service is truly an asset to your business. This is the foundation to keep your buyers coming back for more!


Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

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