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There are a number of myths that encircle website marketing.

For whatever reason, there is a lot of misinformation about what the best approach is to take to marketing via the Internet. It is vital to review some of these myths to determine the best approach to marketing for the world to see online.

SEO Has Ended, We May All Move On

website marketing

This is false. SEO is not something that should be ignored. It has merely evolved over time to adapt to the way in which people use the Internet. The search engines have become “smarter” and have changed the ways in which they evaluate new blogs, websites, and website content in general.

There are now new tactics that must be used to score points with the search engines. puts an exclamation point on the situation like this,

Despite this trending topic, search engine optimization (SEO) is NOT dead! The tactics have just evolved over time, as most do.

Having Massive Traffic Is Good

This one is not always true. There are cases of course when having a large amount of website traffic of course, but there are other times when massive amounts of traffic is simply slowing you down.

It really depends upon where the traffic is coming from. Is this traffic from genuinely interested visitors, or is the traffic spam and visitors who may be paid to visit your website? If it is the latter, then the large amounts of traffic are actually not a good thing, but may in fact be slowing down your website.

Social Media Can’t Help Me

Social media is a huge boost to virtually all online content.

There is no reason to believe that you cannot use social media to boost the way in which you are doing your work. For whatever reason some believe that social media is not appropriate for the work that they in particular engage in. This may lead them to shy away from engaging in social media usage at all. It is a shame as the use of social media is one easy way to grow a larger audience.

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