The ability to speak persuasively is important in all fields.

Do you want to improve your skills? Read here to learn 5 persuasive speech tips from Peter Spain.

Too many friends and clients think persuasive speech is a skill that you either have or you don’t

But I helped them change all that. Anyone can move from the fear of public speaking to being effective and persuasive in any forum.

I’ve put together 5 persuasive speech tips we can all practice to get better. Let’s learn how to be more persuasive starting now.

1. Persuasive Speech Doesn’t Need to Be Terrifying

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Speaking and speaking publically can be incredibly scary for some of us. And yes, scientific research shows that speaking in public can be more fearful than death for some.

There are two ways to conquer the fear. One is to use meditation techniques to envision success.

Imagine a time where you felt relaxed and confident. Identify the sensation in your body at that point.

Maybe it was during a success at work or while achieving a personal triumph.

Now, envision yourself speaking persuasively in any situation. Only incorporate those same physical responses of confidence.

Rehearse these feelings often. They will help you prepare as much as any other technique.

2. Practice

Practice is key for getting better at anything. The same is true for speaking persuasively.

You don’t need to be performing a sales pitch to speak persuasively. You can just as easily be extolling the virtues of the best restaurant to visit this Friday night.

Practice as often as you can and watch your skills grow.

3. Share Personal Stories

Mark Twain once revealed that the key to speaking persuasively meant keeping a few personal stories well rehearsed. He claimed that if you had three stories prepared you could integrate them into any topic.

persuasive speech

Speaking persuasively means speaking comfortably and passionately. Who better to emulate than the master, Mark Twain?

Have a few personal anecdotes ready to go. You’ll know the high notes and delivery.

The modern proponent of this type of speaking was Dale Carnegie who coined the term “Magic Formula Story“.

Of course, we all know that personal stories can drag on. Make sure you keep them succinct, fun, and persuasive.

4. Build Rapport

Beyond finding a way to connect any topic to your own experience, building rapport means connecting with your audience.

One of the more comedic examples of this is when a rock star screams at the top of their lungs on stage “It’s great to be back in Sydney!”

“How are you doing out there tonight New York?”

“Can’t believe we are here in Paris!”

The crowd inevitably goes wild. It can be a little more tricky to build rapport if you’re not a rock star, but it’s very important for persuasive speech.

Connecting with your audience, be it one or an auditorium filled with people, means understanding their needs and desires. Using what you have in common will help you connect with them personally.

Find ways to connect.

5. Listen

Listen to your audience whenever possible. The best way to become more persuasive is to understand who you are talking to.

Practicing listening also means identifying great persuasive tools. You’ll learn more techniques that work the more you learn to listen.

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