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Let me talk you through some of the phenomenal results I’ve seen from the clients I recently shot and produced brand story videos for…

Imagine your company’s story told in beautiful, cinematic images…

… followed by 10,000 views in just a month… yielding 43 enquiries.

Or how about, like my other client, imagine you got 67 lead enquiries and 337 engagements after 10,097 views.

Or, like another, you got 700 engagements and 55 enquiries after 10,300 views in a matter of months.

These videos varied drastically in production budget – from $1500 to $30,000, but – as you can see – the results from each one have been phenomenal.

Ditch the marketing guessing game by employing some high resolution video imagery to do the work for you!

Brand Stories

You want momentum? You need fast results? I’ve seen the impact on a business when their brand story video goes viral. Their reputation and sales skyrocket.

The first brand story I ever made was for my financial services business… a 45 minute documentary-style piece on a specialist product… it resulted in 6,000 new clients!

Whether you have the budget for anything from a 15 second video to a 20+ minute TV show… leveraging the power of video is becoming an increasingly non-negotiable strategy to make a huge impact on your sales.

Multinational tech conglomerate, Cisco, says that video will make up 80% of online consumer traffic by 2020 and Mark Zuckerberg says he sees video “as a mega trend on the same order as mobile.”

The truth is, there’s never been a better – nor more important time – to make sure your company is being well represented in video.

Using brand stories is a sure fire way to increase your reach, grow your business and engage with new customers.

As a business owner who has sold over $1.3 Billion in product sales, a Telstra Business Award Finalist and winner of the Qantas Business Award Winner and BRW’s 41st Fastest Growing Privately Owned Company… I know a thing or two about rapid growth and sales.

I’ve got 30+ years of experience in businesses, spanning Financial Services, Health Care, Hospitality and Tourism, Consulting, Real Estate, Property Management and eCommerce spaces. I’m also an award winning filmmaker. This has brought me a unique skillset for telling stories to strategically transform brands in the eyes of their customers.



I’m a firm believer in results-oriented, direct-response marketing that delivers a healthy return on investment. The strategies I’ve developed and implemented have generated a collective $2Billion+ in revenue.

Whether it’s a single marketing campaign you want to make a sizeable impact on your bottom line with, or you’re looking to take your brand awareness to a whole new level… there’s no easier way of getting you the results you want than by adding a strategic brand story video into your campaign.



Brand Stories - Peter Spann Business


Do you want to achieve legendary status with your brand or product?

Work with me to take a deep dive into your brand’s story from a strategic third party perspective.

I know exactly what questions to ask to understand which parts of your story will resonate with you customers. With my extensive experience in marketing and with my background as an industry-leading copywriter, I understand consumer behaviour. Not only do I help my customers to expand their business… but also their view of the world and what’s really possible for them.

Invest in creative strategy that’s proven


Let the results I mentioned earlier speak for themselves. My videos have produced thousands of views and high numbers of new leads for my clients within very short time frames.

Using the creative storytelling techniques I mastered in making award-winning, internationally acclaimed short films, I’ll bring your brand to life to inspire more customers to connect, engage and buy from you like never before.

As a narrative filmmaker, I understand how to create images that inspire, connect and motivate your customers to feel like they understand your company on a deeper level. With strategic artistry, I’ll tell your story in a moving and impactful way that will make an impression faster than any other kind of marketing tool available to you.

Take control of your customers’ perception of your company

As an award wining business strategist and marketer, I bring a unique perspective to your brand story telling. I’ll craft an emotionally compelling visual story that’s strategic in its placement in your broader marketing strategy

Don’t risk the future success of your company by being left behind in the digital marketing race for attention.

Video creates an impact that produces immediate results…. and it lasts to continue working for you in increasing your brand awareness for years to come.

Communicate your value with impact and watch your income grow.

Schedule a call with me today.