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Business challenges crop up all the time.  Owning a business is no easy feat and it’ll take a lot of trial and error to get to where you want to be. In fact, only half of small businesses make it to the 5-year mark. This is why it’s important to address any issues you see in the early stages.

business challenges

Here’s how to overcome 3 key business challenges that affect your company’s success.

Business Challenge 1: Growing (and Retaining) Your Customer Base

One of the biggest challenges facing any business owner is growing its customer base. Your customers are going to bring in revenue, and if you can bring them in and keep them around, you’re already ahead of the curve.

Happy customers will not only stick around, but they’ll also tell their friends about you. In this way, your customers can become your greatest advocates.

To make sure they’re happy, surveys are your greatest tool. Send out surveys quarterly to gauge customer satisfaction and ask for feedback. If there’s something you could be doing better, ask them to tell you what it is. By getting ahead of any potential issues, you reduce the risk of being blindsided by poor reviews.

Don’t underestimate the power of great customer service. Treat all your customers as if they are brand new and respond to all requests quickly. People remember this type of service and a happy customer is more likely to refer you to others.

2: Inefficient Marketing Strategies

Marketing activities are essential to getting your name out into the world. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product around if no one knows you exist.

Inbound marketing is an effective solution to your business problems. It relies on quality, educational content that will solve the challenges your target customer is having. This strategy relies on consistent blogging, social media and optimizing your content for SEO. 

Growing a business is hard work but if you have a solid marketing plan you’ll increase your chances of success.

3: Keeping Your Employees Happy

Employees are the foundation of any successful business and in ensuring company growth. The way you treat them will determine their attitude toward the company and whether they stick around.


happy team


Your company culture plays a part in how happy your employees are. An increasing number of companies are allowing employees to work from home, either full time or certain days during the week. This shows trust in your staff, and working from home has been shown to boost productivity.

Other ways to keep employees happy include team building activities, promoting a good work/life balance, and recognizing and rewarding hard workers.

Overcoming these Business Challenges

Customers and employees are your business’s greatest assets and the way you treat them will determine your company’s overall success. If you can build a culture of communication and feedback, you’ll know what needs to change and what you should continue doing.

By implementing marketing strategies that work, you’ll stand out from your competition and will attract and retain customers that look to you as an expert in your niche.

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