Inbound Marketing for Your Business

Inbound marketing is the new trend.  Gone are the days of in your face marketing tactics. Today's marketing takes a softer approach and focuses on providing your audience with valuable, educational content that will keep them coming back for…
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Top 3 Social Media Trends 2019

Lock in on these Social Media Trends 2019. Times have changed. Social media is the new way of communicating and it's not going anywhere. While it's been around for a while, it's constantly evolving. What worked for you last year may not…
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Steps to Social Media Branding

Steps to building strong Social Media Branding   Social media branding presents businesses the right channel to promote their firm and meet their target audience. The result you will get when you apply the right strategy in social…
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Local Business Facebook Marketing – 3 Tips That Work

Local business facebook marketing strategies aren't easy to devise. Despite having over a quarter of the world’s population as active users, Facebook doesn’t always turn out to be the marketer’s dream platform. Some approach the…
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Social Media Influence and Your Online Marketing Strategy

When it comes to online marketing, how far should social media influence your strategy? I am a member of the school of thought that believes in the power of social media in today marketing. Not so long ago newspaper, TV and Radio ads were…
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Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media Marketing Tips Business Owners Can Benefit From Social media is everywhere and a lot of people use it every day.  Here are some simple social media marketing tips on how to promote your business. Have you grown frustrated with…
instagram as marketing tool

How to Use Instagram as a Marketing Tool

5 Tips for Successful Instagram Advertising If you want to branch your small business out, why not use Instagram as a marketing tool? Read this article on how to use Instagram to market your business!   Why are there currently 8 million…
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Five Social Media Marketing Trends You Should Follow

No matter how beautiful your web design is, or how unique your product is, when it comes to getting your brand out there, social media marketing is essential. Social Media Trends The biggest problem with this is that finding social media…
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Using YouTube to Market Your Business

YouTube marketing has taken off in the past few years and continues to be a valuable resource for business owners to attract and maintain their customer base. YouTube in particular has several features to help business owners stay ahead of the…
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5 Ways to Step Up your Social Media Marketing Game Plan

Social media is a big part of most if not all business marketing plans today. In fact, you will find it extremely difficult to find a marketer who won't claim social media marketing as being imperative for relationship building, brand building,…