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Customer service improvement makes a big impression on consumers. It can be the difference between one-time and loyal customers. If you’re in an industry that doesn’t allow for much differentiation, then customer service is your chance to get ahead. To do that, try these four tips:

Make a Customer Service Improvement System

It’s unfair to expect employees to come up with expert PR language on the spot. It’s also risky for businesses to ask for this.

You can improve your customer service greatly by devising a system for representatives to follow. Create a list of scenarios and explain how representatives should respond to each one.

For example, if a customer calls with Scenario A (they received a defected product)…

Representatives should respond with Solution A (listen, apologize, solve the problem by sending a new product, and thanking the customer for their business). This removes uncertainties from the equation.

Employee training

Once you come up with enough scenarios and solutions, you have to train employees. Don’t make the mistake of thinking one training session will make all representatives PR experts. It takes time to master the art and companies should hold training sessions regularly.

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Good communication system

We’re not talking about transparent communication from management like in the first point. Instead, we’re talking about the technical aspect.

Give your representatives good equipment to communicate with customers.

Consider using a VoIP phone system which directs customers to the appropriate department and allows representatives to collaborate with each other. Oftentimes, this is the easiest ways companies can improve their customer service experience.

Go beyond fixing the situation

How successful representatives are often depends on what management allows them to do. For example, we talked about someone calling because they received a defected product.

If representatives have permission to send a new product immediately, the entire experience will be smooth and painless. But if they have to go through hurdles and speak to management, callers will lose their patience.

The point is to let your representatives go above and beyond. The customer experience is already compromised, so try to make it better than ever. Allow representatives to send discounts or an accessory for free. Remember, this may make the difference between one-time customers and loyal customers.

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