team conflict

When you work in a team, conflict happens. Not everyone is going to get along all of the time. There may even be times when your team can’t work together well at all. It may fall on you, as a boss, to be the one to help your team work through their conflicts.

team conflict

Here are some tips to help your team solve their conflict.

Do not ignore the team conflict.

Many people try to ignore problems and hope that they will go away.       However, they often get bigger and more complicated.

Discuss the problem with all of the members.

You must make sure that everyone sees how the conflict is affecting everyone and their work. Everyone must be on board to fixing the problem. They must be willing to discuss it calmly and come to a compromise.

Discuss potential solutions to the problem.

Let each member talk about their solution and why they think it will work the best. List pros and cons of each. Really listen to every member and have a discussion. Sometimes this should be done in smaller groups.


Find the best solution and make the decision.

Use team members’ strengths to work together on the project.

Though many members may be hurt by the final decision, it is important that they all work together, using their strengths.

Once the project is finished, be sure to celebrate a job well done.

Conflict can really hurt a team so it is important that everyone remembers how well they work together. Relaxing and celebrating outside of work will show everyone just how much they really enjoy each other.

Team work conflict can be quite damaging. Many people’s feelings can be hurt and projects can fall apart. However, with a little help, a compromise can be made and the project will be finished. Just be sure to celebrate the small victories and do not ignore the conflict in the first place. It is better to face small problems than wait until they are big problems that threaten a project.

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