Is it just me or are too many things happening in this country that are distinctly American?

Yesterday was Halloween.  Ten years ago that would have meant nothing to an Australian and I certainly meant nothing to me until a friend rang me and said “I’m under siege!”

“Huh?” was my intellectual response.

“Trick or Treating kids – they’re everywhere!  I’ve turned off my lights and I’m quivering in fear.”  Well she may not have said that exactly but you get the idea.

Kid friendly?

I thought I was in a Squid friendly neighbourhood.  Go to the park in front of my house on any given Saturday or Sunday where ten years ago it was filled with lovely old couples strolling and gay guys walking their dogs now it’s been overrun with squids.  The cafe there used to serve pup-a-chinos, now they serve kid-o-chinos.   You get the idea – my suburb is in “transformation”.

Maybe because my house is up a steep hill but no kids came knocking.

Last year I thought I should get into the spirit by putting a pumpkin sign on my front gate (supposedly to indicate you are Halloween friendly).   I bought hundreds of dollars worth of fantastic sweets – my ego wouldn’t allow me to go for black and gold brand even though that would have been the most sensible thing to do.

But nobody came, not one knock.  So I ended up eating the sweets myself (no wonder I put on so much weight last year!).  This year I forgot about it but I must admit if I had remembered I probably would have boycotted.

When I drove over to rescue my friend from her Squid attack it occurred to me that there may well be a number of things that would could learn from our American friends, but chocking kids full of sugar on a festival honouring the dead (if you take the benign view) or the occult (if you take a tougher view) surely isn’t one of them?

I had to be careful because Angie (my bio-diesel swilling Alfa-Romeo car) was in an aggressive mood and didn’t like the squids taking over her spot on the road.   We managed to avoid incident and my friend and I went out for an all to pleasant dinner avoiding trick and treat.

Another thing we certainly don’t want from the Americans at the moment is their economy.

Whilst it may be some time before the “real economy” (confidence, jobs, pay rises, booming markets, etc) in Australia picks up we are well in front of most countries in the world and America in particular.

This is not the case in America and I think it will take many years for the US economy to come back.

So let’s all hope we don’t catch America’s flu, and the good old Aussie economy keeps on keeping on.


Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

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