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There is an old saying that the customer is king. It means that what the customer wants the customer should receive.

Even when customers are being argumentative they should be treated as though they are right.

Having good customer service like this has been shown to improve the bottom line for businesses. At this point we turn our attention to some ways to improve customer service without spending money.

1. Giving The Customer Some Recognition

Customers are the oil for your business engine.

positive feedback

They should be treated with respect and never taken for granted.

Sending out a simple “thank you” note when they make a purchase or even calling to ask if they are enjoying their product or service can go a long way. This takes very little of your time and can even be set up to run automatically. There is no excuse for not reaching out to customers and showing them that you care.

2. Accept Feedback From Customers, No Matter How Harsh

Do not allow your ego to get in the way of good decision making. This means accepting feedback from customers even when it may be difficult to do so. has this great quote on the subject,

Do not take offense if the customer criticizes particular actions or comments on ways to improve your business. Instead, use this as a way to learn from your mistakes.

Honest feedback is critical to enhancing quality customer service. Be quick to offer ways to rectify the situation with a possible refund or a discount on the next purchase.

You should look at the feedback that customers give you as a gift. They are offering you some of the best free advice that you are ever going to receive.

3. Give Customers Some Space

This last tip deviates a little from the first two but is still important. Businesses should not “crowd” their customers or overwhelm them. Doing this leads the customers to feel suffocated and not necessarily wanting to do business with your company. They should be marketed to, but only up to an extent. At some point, it becomes the duty of the business to back off and allow their customers to come to them naturally.

by Guest Writer Amanda Collins 

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