Peter Spann First Ferrari

The Peter Spann Chronicles continued…

By my late twenties I was really hitting my stride and to make sure I, and everyone else knew I was doing well I bought my first Ferrari, and these automotive wonders have always been the second loves of my life!

17. Yes, They Really DO Go Faster…

I was just 26 years old when I bought it.   I loved that car!

As much as it is possible to love an inanimate object (and more than many people!).   It was impossible to get me out of it.

Having grown up in a car mad country town the Ferrari was the ultimate.  My passion for them started through watching Miami Vice of all things – they had that pure white Testarossa.

After just a few months of Ferrari ownership I attended a Ferrari club meeting. They were keen to get to know the new member and asked me if I had been on any memorable drives.

Well, I’d already put 12,000 km’s on the car including two trips up and back to Qld, one to Victoria, the Central Coast and Bowral just about every weekend and hooning around street racing WRX’s just about every night.

The Ferrari people were horrified. The average Ferrari does just 3,500 kms a year and I had done three and a half times that in just a few months.

The dealer pulled me aside and told me we should consider trading the car because 15,000kms was like 150,000 in an ordinary car.

So, just four months after buying my very first Ferrari I bought my second Ferrari. Over the next fifteen years I owned 14 Ferraris before trading my last one on a Bentley (silly move) and then having to pull my head in due to the GFC.

18. Peter Spann Wealth Seminar One

This was a massive turning point in the Peter Spann Chronicles – my first ever wealth creation seminar “The 7 Ultimate Wealth Creation Strategies”, so called because my other introductory seminar was called “The 7 Ultimate Marketing Strategies” and this seminar followed the same format.

It went down ok but I was not used to speaking to such a large audience (830 people) and my material was not good – it was based on investment theory.

I am nothing if not adaptable however and for the second seminar the next night (912 people) I completely re-wrote it based on my own personal experiences and got a standing ovation.

At the end of the first round of seminars I was astounded when the promoter didn’t want to do them again, as we’d both made over half a million clear net profit out of them which was about what I earned in a year back in those days.

But part of my contract was that I kept the list of attendees which comprised over 8,000 people.

So we took over the promotion and renamed the introductory seminar “Welcome to Wealth” with the main seminar being called “Wealth Magic”.

We wrote to the 8,000 and ran an ad with the headline “From Broke to Multi-Millionaire in just 7 Years” with a picture of me standing next to my Ferrari.

And I think that’s something important to note – I was worth many millions of dollars BEFORE I started doing these seminars – I had the runs on the board.

Over the next 5 years we had more than 70,000 people attend our previews and more than 12,000 people attend our main seminars.

They were truly glory days!

I believe they are the best work I have ever done, and positively changed the lives of thousands of people.

19. The Day I Knew I Was Rich!

Peter Spann Net Worth Ferrari Monaco 2

The full story of this day is covered in the Peter Spann Net Worth Blog – Click Here.

20. Let’s Take the Jet

Peter Spann Private

Ahh there is nothing and I repeat nothing that a frequent traveller longs more for than a private jet!

This was our Beachjet 400A.  Many a good time in the Peter Spann Chronicles were had in this jet.  As a matter of convenience we flew it around Australian to and from seminars.  I was often home in bed before the attendees got out of the gridlocked carpark!

Horrible plane but it was still private.  We also flew in a Cessna Citation V and this rather impressive beast…

I’m back to public transport these days.  And despite flying First and Business Class worldwide I long for the days of private jet travel once more!!!

21. Why a Guy Owns a Boat

Peter Spann Chronicles

Is it the speed?

The wind in your hair?

Maybe the friends who come to share the experience?

Possibly the hot sun on your face and the cold salt water on your lips?

Or is it something else?  Maybe what’s on the sun deck?

Who knows?  All I know is I loved M.V. Foxy for all the fun and joy and a little bit of lovin’ she brought me.

22.  Paradise

Peter Spann Paradise Bay

For what seemed like the briefest of periods, but was in fact 7 years, I owned an Island Resort, Paradise Bay.

It was Trip Adviser’s Number One Ranked Property in the South Pacific for 3 years running, and amongst a swag of awards also was the Steve Irwin Eco Tourism Award Hall of Fame winner.

For some time it was fabulous until my friends started having babies and couldn’t come any more, we were hit with 5 cyclones a shark attack and the GFC.   By for a little while it was Paradise.

23. The Party to End All Parties

Peter Spann Chronicles Party

It was 2006, I was 40 years old, the GFC was yet to hit and I was ballin’

Why not spend $500k on my birthday party?  Forty people, Florence and fabulous!  People flew in from all around the world.  Activities ranged from Helicopter flights, Harley rides, Scooter tours, Cooking Classes, Shopping Trips, Poker Games, and The Party itself which featured the 3 Tenors from the Florence Opera, a 16 course dinner with matching wines, fireworks and the hottest band in Italy at the time.

And what’s a party if the cops don’t turn up?  We were shut down by the Carabinieri – they brought their machine guns!  LOL

24. The End of the Party

I always thought it was funny there is no bear on Wall St, even though they are responsible for most of the crashes that have happened.

Even though I knew it was coming, had told clients for years, and accurately predicted why it would happen, I will admit, it still came as a surprise.

It decimated my net worth.  All of a sudden my company, which had been riding high, was worth about 15% of it’s price, the bank was angry and clients were angrier.

My time with Freeman Fox was indeed an epic part of my life.  Ironically I walked out with less, far less than I walked in with!

It took me 5 years and over $20 million to extract myself and I finally sold the last part of my business in 2013 and I can assure you I will never go back to the soul sucking world of financial services.

25. The End of One Life and The Beginning of Another…


My mother died alone in her sleep in the early hours of the morning of her 89th birthday.

She was ill and old and tired and had enough.  I had spoken to her only a week before and she sounded well.  But in the end life was too much for her.

If you’d like to read my farewell it is here…

Her passing led me to re-evaluate my life.  I had nothing left to lose so I thought I would take the biggest risk of all.  The thing I should have done 30 years before and go back and learn how to make films

This is very much a work in progress.

But thank you for being a part of the Peter Spann Chronicles so far.

Oh and one final thing…

26. Trump just Happened!  WTF???

Peter Spann Trump Happened

So Trump just happened?  WTF?  I met him on a speaking tour and liked him as a Property Developer and Reality TV Star.  But President of the most powerful nation on the planet?  I think not.  God Bless America and God help us all!!!


Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

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