I have a fantasy of owning a Kombi and traveling the world surfing.  Those who know the old Peter Spann might think that’s insane but if you know the “new” Peter Spann, maybe…


Peter Spann Fantasy


I imagine puttering along in my split screen on winding coastal roads, cresting a hill to have revealed the most glorious surf beach, deserted and with a perfect break.

We (my beautiful companion and me) drive right up to the edge of the beach, grab our boards from the rack and race down to enjoy the day in the water.

There’s seafood and prosecco for lunch and bbq on a beach bonfire for dinner as the sun sets over another glorious day.

We climb into the back, tan lines enhanced again, and drift off to sleep with the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.

Next day?  Repeat.

Important time to take stock

As we get stuck into a new year I think it’s important that we stop and think about what inspires us, what makes us tick and also how we’ve changed as a human being.

I wouldn’t knock back a new Ferrari if someone gave it to me, but if I think about it my next car is more likely to be a beach basher than an F488.

And that points to a fundamental shift in values on my part.

How have you changed?  Have you updated your goals list?  Rethought your priorities?  Remade your dream board?

It’s important to constantly check in on ourselves and know what is important and why we want to move forward with new understandings, priorities and values.

How did this Peter Spann fantasy begin?

It all started when I was looking for transport for a birthday party a few years ago and for some strange reason I chose a couple Kombis.

Peter Spann Hippies

And then more recently when I was introduced to “Faith” while filming my short film Heavy Heist.

Peter Spann Fiilm

Faith was a cool car, owned by the cool dad of the amazing young film maker Olivia Eastwood who worked on the shoot.   She (the Kombi) just had a certain joie de vivre about her.  She just sorta oozed a sense of self that I wanted to embody.  Here I am.  I am a Kombi.  That is all.

And nobody really needs to be told that surfing is cool.  In fact anything that needs to be told its cool, is decidedly not.

Of course, I’m not pretending that everything to do with surf culture is cool.  It became popular as a counter culture and that brings a dark side to it that is still there today.

But surfing is a spiritual experience.  You may be surprised to know that ancient Polynesians rode “olo” boards as a traditional, religious art form.

There’s something just quite magical about being “one with the wave”.

It might even have been the inspiration for the next Peter Spann film, Surfer Girl.

But, there are some practical issues with this Peter Spann fantasy.

Firstly, Kombi’s are old and I have no mechanical skill whatsoever.  Moreover, I hate things that break down.

VW have been teasing fans with images and prototypes of new Kombis for years.  Maybe I could wait until then?

But that would lose the nostalgia element and I reckon that’s a large part of this Peter Spann fantasy.

Secondly I can’t surf (yet).  I have tried a few times, admittedly half-heartedly, but I have balance issues, dodgy knees and I’m a little front heavy.

In my fantasy I look something like this…

When in reality it’s a bit more like this!

I also like air-conditioning.  Weird thing to say, I know, but I have tried to live without it and I can’t.  And Kombi’s are not air-conditioned.   Oh and really long hot showers.


Well you know, it’s not always necessary for a fantasy to come true.

Indeed, sometimes it’s best if it doesn’t.


So, if you ever see me stepping out of my Kombi, board close to hand, or wobbling about on a wave, you’ll know, in part at least, dreams can come true!


Written by Peter Spann

Peter Spann – Film Maker | Director | Business Coach | Writer | Public Speaking Coach | Presenter | Investor.

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