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Here is the Peter Spann Life Story Continued…

Senior year was a magical time for me.

Gone were the horrors of Boarding School and the awkwardness of fitting in.  I really found my groove in Grade 11 and things just kept getting better in senior.  I had a ball.

9. Red Ones Go Faster

Ignore the ridiculous 80’s outfit and look at the car.

Because that’s what I was doing until moments before.

Growing up in a country town your car pretty much defined you.  It defined your social status, your relationships, and how you spent your time.

The better the car the more status you had, the more willing girls were to engage with you, and the more freedom you had!

The Peter Spann Life Story really has been defined by my red cars.

10. I love to be loved

PS and JD First Love

Is there ANYTHING as wonderful as being in love as a teenager?

The passion, the intensity, the gut wrenching uncertainty, everything new, everything wonderful!

No Peter Spann Life Story would be complete without a photo of Judi, my first real girlfriend.

I thought she was just amazing!

This was soon after we got together.

Apparently I asked somebody to ask somebody to ask her if she’d go out wif me!

But I do remember this day.

It was a warm, lovely winter’s afternoon and I was so fabulously happy I tingled.

11. Lights, camera, action (or was that curtain?)

Peter Spann Life Story Theatre

Now THAT’s acting!

I was torn in so many different directions when I was young.

More than anything I wanted to be an entertainer but I wasn’t much of an actor.

I couldn’t sing and the keyboard player – well they are always the last band member to get laid.

But the bar was pretty low at the Warwick Little Theatre so they let me on stage.  I even wrote, produced, Directed and sold two plays.  This one was a dinner theatre and we got full houses for the entire three night run! Oh, and one matinee.

I often said I became a public speaker because I couldn’t act.

I am never happier when I am alone than when I am in a theatre – before or after the show with the set on stage but nobody in the space – there’s a magic to it – a special anticipation that something magic is going to happen.

And usually it does!

12. BFF’s forever

If you want to know the Peter Spann Life Story, nobody has impacted my life more than my best friend Leisl.  We were briefly together but decided were better as friends and we’ve been that way through thick and thin, feast and famine.

This was our first official “date”.

Leisl and I met when she was modelling for a mutual friend Toni.  Then we first got together after a talent quest that Toni insisted poor Leisl came to.

Of course what she didn’t know is I had been smitten for months and had orchestrated the whole thing.

So I decided that we should get to know each other and I took her to the Gold Coast. We stayed overnight and went to Dreamworld.   Corny I know! But I guess she was impressed enough to stick around.

13. The job that changed my life

Peter Spann Results

My life started again after I started working at Results Corporation.  To really “get” the Peter Spann Life Story you need to get the impact this job had on my life.

It gave me meaning, purpose and the best business education possible. Every part of my success since has some form of “Results DNA” on it.

And it paid well. When they were successful we were successful.

I am very grateful I responded to that ad for a “cadet copywriter” all those years ago.

This photo was taken after I had been promoted to GM and was used in our promo material for a couple of years.

14. From Broke to Multi-Millionaire in Just 7 Years

Peter Spann Life Story Book

After working at Results I was inspired to go get ’em.

This part of the Peter Spann Life Story could just as easily been called “From Broke to Multi-Millionaire in Just 7 Years” after my book because it spans (excuse the pun) the period of my life about which I wrote the book.

Whilst I always tell the story beginning at Woolworths that really was the back story. The really story started at Results Corporation.

I remember the day clearly when my GM and good friend Ian Low walked into my office and said, Harper Collins wants to publish a book by you.

I almost didn’t take the meeting because I had written, or at least written part of, books before this one, but didn’t like them and thought I didn’t have the time.

When my Editor came to my office she did the full pitch – I was still going to refuse and then she told me they would be happy to pay me an advance. She offered a big number. I said an even bigger number. I suspect she had more in her tank because she agreed straight away – no matter.

She said she would be back in two weeks with the contract. I asked her what she wanted and she said “just tell you story and weave in some wealth stuff”.

So I got to writing and banged out my first draft before she came back and handed it to her – she was astounded.

The book was published virtually unchanged from the draft.

It sold 70,000 copies in its first year and has gone on to sell over 500,000 copies in 7 different languages worldwide.

It’s a great little book and every now and again I read it myself to remind me of how much I learned in this amazing period of my life.

15. Peter Spann Seminar One

Peter Spann Seminar One

My first ever seminar! No matter how hard I tried to brand them over the years people always said they were going to a “Peter Spann Seminar”.

I had been working with two pharmacists for a year or so with really good results.

It was amazing what happened when we applied my knowledge of retail and marketing to a shop that actually had customers!

After leaving Results I was contacted by both Pharmacists who insisted they only wanted to work with me.

One of them took me to the annual gab fest for Pharmacists and endorsed me in his speech. I got about 200 business cards shoved into my hands and we used that as our list.

We wrote to them all and included a real cheque from my bank account – the envelope said on the outside “There is a cheque for $84,000 in this envelope”. I promised how I would show them how to increase their profits by that much in the first two hours of the seminar. Actually it was very easy to do – it was just something that I had seen but none of them had.

We got 21 people signed up for the seminar – about a 10% response.

Now it’s important to mention two things here – Leisl refused to answer the phone and I refused to sell myself so we did not put our phone number on the mailing and we were not in the phone book, so everybody who signed up did so without knowing who we were or without talking to us – they just sent cheques through the mail for $3,980 each!!!

Amazingly we had two luminaries of the industry attend. They were blown away and endorsed us later – it all took off from there.

Leisl did logistics and her mum Patti did music – both these tasks are seriously funny if you know Leisl and Patti.  The seminar was at Netanya Noosa and ran for 4 days starting at 8am (YES 8am) and finishing at about 11pm.   On the last day we saw the dawn.

I took 7 weeks to design it and it was based on everything I knew from personal development (most Toni Robbins but also Pip) and Marketing (mostly Results but all Jay Abraham and Garry Halbert).

And it was pretty damn cool if I don’t say so myself!

16. Peter Spann Property Development One

Peter Spann Property One


This was my first property development.  I had bought, renovated and sold a number of houses before this but it was my first ground up development.

It was funded by loans from the church and backed by Leisl’s mum, Patti and it was a nightmare.  We barely got out alive but I repaid the lender and Patti everything I owed them and learnt a lot of lessons.

Obviously it wasn’t enough to deter me because I went on to buy and sell over 300 properties.



Written by Peter Spann

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