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If you want to increase your leadership within your organization, you need to learn how to give productive feedback to your colleagues and employees. The job of any leader inside of a workplace is to not only work well with others, but to help others grow.

One of the most effective ways to promote growth is through feedback. Here are a few strategies you should employ the next time you give someone feedback to make the experience more productive for both of you.

Approach Them In A Safe Environment

In the middle of a meeting or in front of other colleagues is not always the right time or place to give constructive feedback. If you need to give someone feedback, approach them in a safe setting where they can really listen to your feedback without having to fear that other people are judging them or that they are going to look bad in front of their co-workers.

Give Feedback Right Away

Try to give feedback as soon as possible. If you wait months to let someone know that they are just doing an okay job, it may be hard for them to understand what they have been doing wrong for so long and how to fix it. Do not wait for a quarterly review to give useful feedback.

Give feedback when your colleague or co-worker can use it right away. This will allow them to learn from your feedback and put it to use immediately.

Ask For Their Perspective

Ask for their perspective on the situation or project that you are providing feedback on. This will help you understand how they see their work and will help you provide them with more actionable and useful feedback. It will also allow them to open up and feel more comfortable with the feedback process. You may even learn something by asking for their perspective.

Be Positive And Specific

positive feedback

When you do give feedback, try to be both positive and specific. People feel more open when they receive positive feedback first.

Present specific, positive feedback first. Let them know exactly what they are doing that works. Encourage them to increase these positive behaviors.

Once you have presented them with positive feedback, then let them know what is not working. They will be more receptive to negative feedback after they have received positive feedback.

How to Improve

However, do not just give them negative feedback. Let them know specific things they could do to improve in those areas, or come up with action steps to improve those areas together.

Make sure that you deliver feedback in a setting where the person you are talking to feels safe. Be sure to ask for their perspective on the project or situation. This will get them to open up and start talking with you. Once they are relaxed and comfortable, deliver positive feedback first, and then negative feedback. In both instances, be sure to let them know specific things they are doing well and specific things they could improve on. Make sure you both leave with an idea of what needs to happen next. Learning how to deliver productive and useful feedback will increase your leadership skills.


by Peter Spann

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