5 Tips for Successful Facebook Advertising

Facebook is one of the social media giants that almost everyone uses! Read this article for tips on promotional advertising for your business through Facebook!

Welcome to promotional advertising, where you’ve heard the phrase, “you’ve got to spend money to make money,” so many times that you’re considering running for the hills at the mention of Facebook advertising.

You could. It’s just a bad idea.

More than 79% of American internet users are on Facebook. Not in short bursts, either – users globally spend an average of 50 minutes a day on Facebook platforms.

But accessing those users? It’s an art. Keep reading for five tips on how to do well with it.

1. Make It Visual

Like we said. It’s an art.

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People and tech prefer pretty pictures. Facebook’s algorithm treats visual content more favorably, and it’s more likely to be shared (and remembered) than written content.

But if you’re really looking to stand out, the most successful ads with high click-through rates included multiple pictures.

Moral of the story? Invest in a good photographer. A series of quality photos make your company and brand name easily recognizable, even when users are scrolling.

2. Make the Right Offer

Oh, thought you were off the hook with good writers, did you?

A picture’s worth a thousand words, sure. Having the right words also helps.

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The big trick to remember is that you’re selling to humans, not machines. Why? Because humans don’t make rational decisions – they’re not automatically going to spend money on something because it’s the best deal, or because of an extensive cost-benefit analysis.

They’re going to buy something because it plays on emotions.

That’s why you’ll have an easier time selling a t-shirt that benefits shelter dogs than a straight up 2-for-1 t-shirt sale. Establishing an emotional connection to unknown shelter dogs with lovable puppy eyes.

3. Make the Most of Audience Insights

Wait. So Facebook has this thing called Audience Insights. Which essentially lets you figure out what users will actually buy from you based on the users that already buy from you.

And you’re not using this because…?

Consider this your engraved invitation. Stop wasting your time and money taking shots in the dark.

4. Choose the Right Target Audience

And while we’re on the subject, target the right people.

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Facebook has this feature that allows you to create different ad campaigns for different audiences. Or the same campaign for different audiences.

Basically, it’s targeted promotional advertising. But smarter.

5. Track Sales, Not Vanity Metrics

promotional advertising

Yes, yes, you got a bazillion clicks and social shares. Congratulations.

Want to know a big secret? Clicks and social shares aren’t sales. Clicks and social shares are exposure.

You can be as exposed as a cactus in Death Valley and still be broke.

An ad with more sales and less social shares will always be more successful than an ad with tons of exposure and no sales. Watch what sales your ad is getting you, and you’ll be able to pinpoint if it’s working.

Here’s 155+ Marketing Statistics to consider going into 2021.

(Also, if you’re watching revenue for multiple ads, you’ll be able to figure out what’s, you know, actually working.)

Stronger Promotional Advertising

Here’s the thing. A business that’s not attracting customers is a business that’s dying.

That’s why advertising is your friend, and why it’s important to know how to sell to your target audience. Because more (and better) sales mean more and better profit.

Good thing we’re good at both. Let’s get started.

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