Conquer the Sales Process With 5 Insightful Tips

The sales process plays a vital role in improving your business and expanding your customer base. Continue reading for 5 insightful tips today.

Would you go on a road trip without directions or a map? You could if you want to waste time.

If you follow directions, you’ll arrive at your destination a whole lot faster though.

Consider the sales process your roadmap to more sales. Following a proven path will help you close sales faster.

An efficient sales process can ensure quality service, decrease your team’s response time, and create more referrals.

Now, you have the sales process to follow. You’re ready to put it into action.

Your team follows the same process. You see some people struggle to make the sale. Others work the process and consistently beat their sales goals.

You want to be in the second group. Who wouldn’t?

Get ready to crush it.

Use these 5 tips to conquer the process.


1. Believe in the Sales Process

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Following the sales process can increase your sales. Believe this and commit to using it.

If you think the process won’t work, guess what? You just made sure that it won’t!

Your company spent the time to build out the process. Your boss gave it to you because it works.

Need proof? Talk to the top earners who use the process. Interview customer service reps. Review customer satisfaction ratings.

My free “5 Personal Commitments That Earn More Sales” special report can also help you master the sales process.


2. Connect with Your Ideal Customer

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If you’re going to close high-end sales, making a personal connection is key.

Read any customer success stories your company can provide. This can help you search for similar customers to duplicate this success.

Most likely you’re using social media in your sales process. It can be time-consuming, but worth the effort.

78% of salespeople that connect on social media beat their coworkers’ sales numbers.

Here’s how you can use social media to support the process.

Visit LinkedIn and other social media sites. You can learn more about companies and buyers who need your solutions.

Follow your prospects to learn about their interests.  Then send a connection or friend request based on mutual interest.

Don’t jump straight into the sale. Start a conversation and share articles or research.

Once you’ve built a relationship, ask to set up a quick call to start the sales process. You can also search your buyers’ connections and friends to uncover similar prospects.

Even better, get prospects to reach out to you. Be easy to find on social media. Make sure your profile and business pages are public. Accept and respond to messages on social media.

Create your own social media posts. Focus on topics and article tags that will attract your ideal customers.

Stay active on social media. You’ll be top of mind when your prospects are ready to buy.

Industry-specific associations and local chambers of commerce offer connection opportunities too. Join networking event or business mixers.

You can mine professional associations for luxury sales prospects too. Look for employees like doctors, lawyers and C-Suite executives and business owners.

These professionals have the resources and desire to buy high-end personal products.


3. Personalize Your Solution

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Now that you’ve gotten to know your prospect you can provide a custom solution.

Build your sales presentation around your prospect’s needs and wants.

Customize your solution for this buyer. Who doesn’t want something made just for them?

How do we do this? Interview your potential customer to learn about pain points you can address.

Talk to your customer service and tech support teams.  Ask about common customer questions. Find out if any product updates were based on customer feedback.

This research can uncover common issues prospects need to fix. Ensure your presentation shows how your product is the most effective solution.

Also, show how the benefits of your product or service outweigh the cost. Benefits include saving time, money or alleviating frustration.

For luxury items, create mystery or scarcity about your product. Use the velvet rope technique to let your prospect know they are in an elite group.

Be sure to include the specifics about how you will solve problems or fulfill a personal desire.


4. Don’t Forget That You’re Part of the Deal

Remember, you’re a big part of the offer. Ever been interested in a product but totally turned off by the sales person?

You know that prospects won’t buy from salespeople they don’t like. Don’t let yourself become an objection!

Take the time to build your professional relationships. Help ensure that your customers want to business with you.


5. Rehearse Your Close

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It’s time to make the deal. Convince your prospect that you can deliver what you promised during the sales process.

This is no time to be nervous or timid. To boost your confidence, rehearse the close.

An internal audience that can deliver feedback can be helpful. Even if you don’t have a test group, practice your close out loud.

Summarize your product or service. Remind prospects how they can save time or money, or get something very few people have.

Talk about why it’s in your prospect’s best interest to buy today. Include deadlines for any incentives or add-ons in your offer.

Rate your rehearsal. Rearrange your thoughts if needed to ensure a smooth close.

You may get some last minute objections. Rehearse those responses too.

It’s critical that you don’t forget to ask for the sale or use any of these awful sales techniques.

Amp up your close ratio with killer closing techniques.

Once you make the sale, you hand it off to customer service or an implementation team. Let these experts do their work.

Your part of the sales process isn’t over though. Don’t abandon your customer. Make a quick call to check in every so often.

This way, you’ll know about any potential issues before your customer calls you.

Keep building strong customer relationships after the sale. You’ll encourage repeat business and referrals.

Use these tips to conquer the sales process. The process lets you move quickly through each step of the sale.

Commit to the sales process. You’ll make it easy for your prospect to say yes and grow your sales.

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