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SEO 2018 – Staying visible online is essential for any modern business, internet marketer, or webmaster.

When the right steps aren’t taken, your website could find itself in the depths of internet obscurity, leaving very few opportunities to make impressions and engage with your audience.

SEO 2018 - Peter Spann Business


Because it’s so critical to remain visible in search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has continued to be one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be strictly in the marketing business, SEO still remains essential.

SEO 2018 tactics evolve year on year, particularly as Google continually makes adjustments to its search algorithms.

If you want to remain visible in 2018 and even improve your search ranking, then these are three Key SEO 2018 tips that we know will be essential in the new year.

Optimize Page Speed

SEO 2018 - Page Speed - Peter Spann Business


Slower pages are penalized by Google’s current algorithm (and likely all future algorithms).

If your page is on the slow side, it’s time to optimize it for faster loading and a better user experience. There are a number of ways that you can do this, and we’re here to provide advice if you don’t fully understand the technical side of website maintenance.

  • Compress images for faster loading.
  • Ensure that you’re hosting provider has the bandwidth to support your site and your monthly visitor count. If you’re on a high latency server, it would be a good time to start shopping around for a better solution.
  • Clean coding allows for faster load times and better indexing. Many webmasters use CMS solutions to allow for clean web code that is easily indexed. WordPress is still the most popular (and arguably the best) CMS solution available.
  • Enable site-wide compression/decompression to allow for speedier page loading.

Using Responsive Designs

SEO 2018 - Responsive Design - Peter Spann Business


In addition to optimizing your web site for speed, you’ll also need to ensure that your theme and every page is responsive.

Responsive web design means using scalable page elements so that an optimal experience is provided on any screen/device. When using a CMS, responsive web design themes are available for free and in paid custom designs for your business.

2018 will be the year that Google fully implements their ‘mobile first’ index, which will be a completely separate search index that is used when search queries come from mobile devices.

This index will prioritize highly optimized pages that are fast and that use responsive web design. When the algorithm is fully implemented it will have a huge impact on businesses that have not optimized in advance.

Also, while you may think you have this covered businesses rarely check each and every page on their site and how different devices display them.

Start Taking Multimedia Seriously

SEO 2018 - Multimedia - Peter Spann Business


Although Google has never explicitly stated it, search signals from social networks do have an influence on your search ranking.

Engaging on social media and linking back to your pages will have a positive impact on your SEO, particularly if you are utilizing keywords throughout all of your content on the social networks.

This creates a unique opportunity for you to create rich multimedia social network content that engages your audience, while also benefiting your SEO.

We’re talking videos, high quality photos, and even audio podcasts. Having an image in every social media post can result in up to twice the engagement of a post without an image. It’s a simple change to make which gets more eyes on your content and more click through to your pages.

Optimize your video and podcast descriptions with your target keywords, and start sharing your podcasts and videos on YouTube as well as your preferred social networks. YouTube is a great platform for boosting SEO because the basic video description fields can be used for tags and keywords, and indexing for search will happen faster than on any other video sharing platform.

Consider Latent-Semantic Indexing When Using Keywords in Content

Google’s algorithms are constantly evolving, and with each iteration it’s clear that there’s a focus on natural search. Lament-Semantic Indexing relates to the way that search results are now generated not just for keywords themselves, but for similar long tail keywords and different keywords that have the same meaning.

Quite simply, Google search now interprets what a user is actually searching for, rather than rely solely on what they type into the search box.

Let’s use ‘Earn Money Online’ as an example. Google would look not only at the keyword, but other phrases which could be interpreted as the same search, e.g. ‘Make Money Online’, ‘Generate Income Online’, ‘How to Earn by Working Online’ etc.

With this in mind, you could expand your keyword research to include different phrases that mean the same thing, and start developing your content with a richer and more diverse set of keywords.

It’s also worth considering that natural language searches are going to become more important as more people gain access to smartphones with voice search capabilities. Incorporating natural language key phrases in addition to traditional keywords could result in better visibility from mobile platforms.

Keep Up to Date with the Latest SEO 2018 Trends, Business Advice, and More

SEO is just one aspect of marketing your business online and keeping up your visibility. If you want to do more to grow your business while reaching a larger online audience, we’re here to help.

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