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When it comes to online marketing, how far should social media influence your strategy?

I am a member of the school of thought that believes in the power of social media in today marketing.

Not so long ago newspaper, TV and Radio ads were the order of the day, but today with the ever-increasing audience on social media platforms, it has taken over the business space.

Over half of the population of the United States is on Facebook; 170.9 million as of February 2017.

With over a billion members of users on Facebook and other social media platforms, understanding and strategizing with this numbers in mind is the key to profit. A lot of entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of this already-made audience when planning for their businesses.

As an online marketing facilitator, I tend to receive a significant number of questions regarding the various marketing trends and the reason for changes in the market. One major question over the years is…

How much should social media influence online marketing?

social media influence

While this question may sound straightforward, determining the level of influence is somewhat unclear.

Should business leave out all other forms of advertisement and focus on Social media?

Is success on social media tantamount to success offline?

“No” to all these questions because of past experiences personally and among business partners.

While social media might possess the audience and coverage regarding demography and areas, this doesn’t phase out other forms of advertisement. For online marketers or online businesses, it is important that you employ other forms of marketing such email marketing, affiliate marketing, and event marketing.

Build on the advantages

When it comes to the influence of social media on online marketing, I believe that an excellent online marketing strategy should cover the advantages of social media.

One way of building a successful online marketing is by integrating social media marketing strategies in optimizing your landing page. Never underestimate the role of social media button is making your landing page more interactive and engaging. I am always of the opinion that for a business to do well, it must be engaging, and an engaging business content leads to conversion.

Create a Social Media Brand

Most of the times when I am called upon to share an idea or thought, I always try as much as possible to hint on the ‘create a social media brand’ point.

Lots of online marketers or business fail to take advantage of this strategy. According to research, the majority of successful brands have a social media page to widen their marketing coverage of making their brand more accessible to the social media users. When planning your online marketing strategy, try as much as possible to create a brand on social media. This can be done by creating an engaging post, integrating Facebook ads, Instagram sponsored post, live videos, and other forms of content sharing.

Conversion of Leads and Profits

The goal of any business or online marketing campaign is the conversion of leads and profits. For all this to be possible, it is vital that as an online marketer, there is an involvement of social media in your marketing strategy. Learn to take advantage of the vast audience, features, and tools peculiar to social media when strategizing for your marketing campaigns. The key to any successful online marketing campaign is perseverance, quality content, and focused marketing strategy.

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