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Social Media Marketing Tips Business Owners Can Benefit From

Social media is everywhere and a lot of people use it every day.  Here are some simple social media marketing tips on how to promote your business.

Have you grown frustrated with your follower count?

Do you feel like you’re dedicating hours to developing witty tweets and blog posts, only to see just a few customer interactions and even fewer click-throughs to your product pages?

Starting to think that your social media network marketing strategy needs a whole new makeover for the new year?

If so, don’t panic — we’ve got you covered. Start 2018 off the right way by embracing these trusted social media marketing techniques.

Treat Social Media As A Part Of Customer Service



Nearly 80% of users who message/tweet a complaint at a brand expect to get a response in under one hour.

While that number might feel staggering, it makes an important point about the role of social media network marketing in the business world today. Now, people are much more likely to send your brand a message on Facebook or another social media platform when they have questions about products, problems with an order, or need to reach you for another reason.

Especially if you want to avoid swarms of angry users and going viral for all the wrong reasons, you need to make your social media accounts an extension of your in-office customer service strategies.

Embrace Live Video

Within the past year, it’s no secret that video marketing has become one of the most influential advertising strategies on social media.

Of course, it’s easy to see why. Videos allow you to show off the features of your products/services, they help you to make an emotional connection with your followers, and of course, they’re easy to share.

But if a scripted video is good, then live video is even better.


social media marketing tips


First of all, showing to followers that you’re willing to speak off the cuff about your brand helps to promote a sense of transparency and trust. Additionally, followers feel like they’re getting a “window into the world” of your day-to-day operations, and even “getting to know” the people you work with.

Additionally, live videos allow you to interact with potentially thousands of your target market at once. You can pitch to them directly and respond to their questions in real time. This helps you to tailor future content to their needs/desires, and lets you get to know them in a much more efficient, deeper way.

Plus, since the live videos you create will be saved after the feed ends, viewers who couldn’t tune in will have plenty of time to watch them later.

Try These Social Media Marketing Tips

You now have several social media marketing tips to implement in the new year.

Feel like you could benefit from additional professional help? Looking for more advice on how to build your brand recognition, increase your conversions, and dominate social media?

We’re here to help.

Spend some time on our website and blog to learn how we can work with you to set and achieve realistic goals for growth — and then set even bigger ones for the future.

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