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Lock in on these Social Media Trends 2019.

Times have changed. Social media is the new way of communicating and it’s not going anywhere.

While it’s been around for a while, it’s constantly evolving. What worked for you last year may not make as big of an impact in 2019.

Here are the top 3 social media trends you should familiarize yourself with so you can keep up with the times…and get your business noticed.

1. Live Video

social media trends 2019


Video continues to reign, and live video, in particular, is getting a lot of focus. That’s because it’s raw, it’s authentic and it lets people see the real you. It lets them behind the curtain and shows them a glimpse of the people behind the brand.

You can use this at trade shows, during a product launch, or just to update your audience in the middle of your day.  By engaging your audience in an unscripted way, you’ll differentiate yourself with competitors.

Start incorporating live video into your marketing efforts to show your audience who you are and you’ll be amazed at the result.

2. Rebuilding Trust

2018 lifted the facade behind social media through security breaches, influencers who paid for their followers and the circulation of fake news.

The result? Distrust of social media today and the authenticity behind company accounts. This means businesses today must try harder to gain their audience’s trust, and keep it.

To do this, companies must start focusing on generating dialog with their target audience, by providing valuable content that’s specific to their needs. An increasing number of brands are spurring these conversations and then encouraging communications between users.

One of the current trends of building this conversation is to create a hashtag around a common interest. People can share their photos and experiences using this hashtag. This brings people together and creates an authentic relationship among your audience.

By bringing communities together and encouraging dialog, you’ll be able to spur meaningful relationships and gain trust with your audience.

3. User-Generated Content


If you can create a solid community within your social media circles, and build trust within that circle, your customers will talk about your company. It’s essentially free advertising and it works because people trust recommendations from their family and friends.

You can encourage this by selecting photos from your audience to feature on your account. Come up with a hashtag and have them use this hashtag to get a shot at being featured.

Applying these Social Media Trends for Success

You may have noticed something in common with these social media trends. They’re all based on showing the human side of your brand and encouraging conversation with and within your audience.

They’re also based on showing the truth, capturing raw moments and letting the world in, rather than putting on a facade.

This lifts the mask off the business and shows them who you really are…and that’s what they want to see.

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