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Steps to building strong Social Media Branding


Social media branding presents businesses the right channel to promote their firm and meet their target audience.

The result you will get when you apply the right strategy in social media are greater than offline advertising platforms.

If you are hoping to utilize social platforms as a good avenue to promote your business and connect with your target audience, then here are valid points you should apply.

Choose the right social platform

There are lots of social communities in existence.

You should not jump into creating a business account in all of them. The right thing to do is to consider the nature of your business and social media branding, and research which social platform is likely to possess a more prominent presence of your target audience.

Work on your Bio

Don’t be too eager to post.

Remember, the way you dress is the way you get addressed.

When you properly take care of your bio, members of your selected platform will be encouraged to stick around.

Your bio should contain vital information about your business. What it provides to consumers and its personality. Also, if possible, it should include a link to your business page.

Let your post be meaningful

Don’t get carried away.

Your bio tells your customers what to expect from you.

Hence, you should endeavor to provide them valuable content that they can relate to. Also, your page should have a bit of entertainment, advertising, guidance, and advice.

These four, when delivered in the right mix can result in more followers. Socialites are likely to share posts that they find meaningful, touching or funny to their timeline. However, when your contents are always the same adverts, no question and answer time, no entertainment, there is a big possibility your social media branding will not go far.

Stick to your firm’s personality

Sticking to your niche is very essential.  Your business personality IS Social Media Branding.

People want to know how you are different; why they should buy your products over the thousands or millions of other alternatives.

After going through the creation of your firm’s’ symbols, logo, slogan, niche, personality, and values, you should not fail to always tailor your post on Media platforms to showcase your business attributes.

Select the voice that best matches your business personality and your goal

There are several voices one can use in the literary world and business world. Do you want to sound professional? Do you want to be friendly? Or you like socialites to view you as an energetic, creative type? Whichever one you decide to work with try to remain consistent in it.

Post visual content

Never forget that social media is a land of photos and videos. People are willing to check out high-quality pictures and watch promising videos. Hence, while you post meaningful contents, don’t forget to integrate videos or photographs when needed.

Hang around the big names

This strategy works. Always try to use your business account to comment on the posts of big brands.

Also, try communicating with them and sharing some of your quality content on their page. With this move, your firm is likely to get mentioned in their subsequent post.

And once that happens you are bound to have a good number of visitors. With your account accurately set to present your business well, and your implementation of the above steps, a good number of the socialites are bound to become followers.


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