Peter Spann Net Worth Ferrari Monaco 2

Peter Spann Net Worth – The day I knew I was Rich

People often ask me, "What is the Peter Spann Net Worth?".  I rarely answer but I do know the first day I knew I was rich! It was a late winter afternoon and I was sitting in my office when Leisl, who still worked with me, came into my office. “What…
Peter Spann First Ferrari

Peter Spann Chronicles in 25 Photos Part 3

The Peter Spann Chronicles continued... By my late twenties I was really hitting my stride and to make sure I, and everyone else knew I was doing well I bought my first Ferrari, and these automotive wonders have always been the second loves…
Peter Spann Life Story Aviators

Peter Spann Life Story in 25 Photos – Part 2

Here is the Peter Spann Life Story Continued... Senior year was a magical time for me. Gone were the horrors of Boarding School and the awkwardness of fitting in.  I really found my groove in Grade 11 and things just kept getting better…