Dr Denis Waitley with Peter Spann presents The Winners Edge

Dr Denis Waitley is one of the greatest personal development speakers of our time.

His world wide best selling “Seeds of Greatness” promises a lot… “The 10 Best Kept Secrets of Total Success” and the book certainly delivers.

Dr Norman Vincent Peal, one of the greatest writers, speakers and teachers of personal success in the world ever agreed, “Seeds of Greatness by Dr Denis Waitley is one of those rare books that can help make anybody’s life greater.”

And from Og Mandino the bestselling author and business speaker, “This 20th century wise man, who has already changed so many lives for the better has created a magic mirror with this extraordinary book that will reflect back, to each reader, the kind of person they can become. I give this masterpiece a rave review!”

Here is Part 1 of “The Winner’s Edge” recorded when Dr Waitley was a special guest of Peter Spann in Australia.