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YouTube marketing has taken off in the past few years and continues to be a valuable resource for business owners to attract and maintain their customer base. YouTube in particular has several features to help business owners stay ahead of the marketing game. Here are five ways you can use YouTube to market your business:

1. YouTube Marketing 

As consumers, we are used to seeing advertisements everywhere we go, including the Internet. One very affective method for businesses to reach their target audience is through YouTube advertisements. These ads can appear before videos, beside videos, and/or in the search results for YouTube users.

2. Product Demonstrations 

YouTube videos are a great way to show-and-tell about your product. Having a visual of how your product actually works can make your customer more comfortable and confident in their decision to make the purchase.

youtube marketing

3. Address Common Questions or Problems 

When you have a problem with a product, what is the first thing you do?

If you’re like most people these days, you probably do a quick search online to see how you can resolve the issue. YouTube videos are a great tool to show people how to use or maintain various aspects of your product.

For example, a company that sells coffee makers may find it helpful to their customers to make a video showing how to properly clean each model, or a printer company may post a video showing how to troubleshoot in the instance of a paper jam. Knowing that your company provides these resources can help your customer feel more secure with your product.

4. Give Your Business “Personality”

Running a business and making money is not all fun and games, but some of it can be!

Many customers enjoy seeing some creativity and pep from the companies they do business with. It doesn’t have to be anything off the wall or extreme, but a little something to show the fun side of your business is sometimes appropriate.

For example, a local coffee house may get good feedback by having employees make a video singing a fun holiday song during the month of December. Encourage your viewers to “share” the video on their other social outlets to get your name out to more potential customers.

A more complex version of this is the Brand Story, where you create an interesting and engaging video that gets across to your customers the emotional engagement they can expect from your business.

brand story

5. Create a Viewing Community 

By creating your own channel for your videos and encouraging comments and feedback, you allow your customers to interact with each other and form a community. Here, they can share experiences, tips, and even answer each other’s questions. This is also a good opportunity for you to interact with your customers and to sometimes get a better understanding of their needs.

With the continuous influence that social media has on consumers, you’re taking the right steps by exploring how sites like YouTube can help you.

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